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Forms for Graduate Students

The following forms and documents are for your convenience. Please feel free to print them out rather than coming in to pick them up.

Accelerated Program Pre-Application Form (PDF)

 PDF icon accelerated_41_pre-application_form.pdf

Application for Independent Study and Omnibus Courses (PDF) 

PDF icon indstudy_form_english_2018.pdf

Registration: Students will fill out the form and email it to the faculty in charge of their independent study credits for the approval signature, or if they are unable to sign, their email approval serves as the signature. Students will email the complete form to Our front office staff will process the form and give the student access to register. Note: the default when registering is one credit hour. Students will need to ensure they register for the correct number of credits.

Please note that the Department Chair serves as a placeholder on all independent study and omnibus courses and should not be contacted about project or research questions. Students should reach out to the faculty they will be working with on the project/research to discuss the timeline of completion.

Essay Review and Statement of Intent (Literature) (Word)

Microsoft Office document icon essay_review_and_statement_of_intent_-_phd_lit_exam.doc

Override Authorization Form (English Department)

Enrollment Change Request Form 

PDF icon academic_record-change_2015.pdf

Ph.D. Oral Examination Form (PDF)


Portfolio Review – Statement of Intent (RCL, APL, Eng Ed) (PDF)

Microsoft Office document icon portfolio-statement_of_intent.doc

Report of Doctoral Prospectus for colloquy (PDF)

PDF icon colloquy_form.pdf

Request for Printing and Building access (ISAAC)

Travel for Graduate Students - Please fill out the highlighted portions of the attached form to have a profile created for you in the new system. You will have to complete this form if you have not traveled since July 1, 2015 of this year. You must send this within six weeks prior to your anticipated travel.