Fall 2015 | Computing Workshop

You must sign up for the workshops you are interested in taking by using our enrollment form. In order to participate fully, it is recommended that you bring a laptop. 

If you complete eight workshops in this series, you will meet the requirement to apply to teach online/hybrid classes in the Writing Programs. You must attend two workshops by Ellen Johnson. A minimum of 4 workshops must be completed before February 1. 

Ellen Johnson's workshops:

  • Using Social Media in Your Online/Hybrid Classroom
    Monday, October 19, 1-2:30 p.m. in LL 10
  • Developing Effective Discussion Board and Blogging Assignments in Your Online/Hybrid Classroom
    Wednesday, November 18, 11-12:30 p.m. in LL 114

R.S.V.P Ellen.Johnson@asu.edu

If you have any questions, please email Ellen. Five other workshops will be offered in the spring semester (with two in January for those needing to complete the certificate for Fall 2016).

Additional places to receive training. 

  • UTO Training has both Face to Face and self-paced online workshops:https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/utotraining/blackboard 
  • CLAS Teaching and Learning: https://clas.asu.edu/teachingandlearning/resources  
  • TeachOnline: Resources for Teaching Online: http://teachonline.asu.edu/

Enrollment is required for all workshops


8/12, 11-12:30pm, COOR L1-34

8/13, 3-5 pm, LL 648C

8/20, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

9/3, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

9/10, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

9/24, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

10/8, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

10/22, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

11/3, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

11/5, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

11/19, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

12/3, 3-4:30 pm, LL 648C

This schedule is subject to change depending on staff and classroom resources. If you have questions about a particular workshop, or would like to suggest a workshop, please e-mail Bruce Matsunaga


Blackboard for new TAs (Blackboard Quick Tips)

Open Blackboard/Tech Office Hours

Blackboard Basics (Blackboard Quick Tips)

Blackboard Assignments (Crocodoc for in-browser commenting and editing of assignments) and SafeAssignments (source matching)

Blackboard Grade Center (Weighted Grades)

Google Drive/Docs - Peer Review Emphasis

TechSmith Relay (PowerPoint narration and screen recorder)

Online Conferencing Tools - Google Hangouts

Image Manipulation using Photoshop/GIMP/Pixlr (An open source and a free web-based version of Photoshop)

Image Manipulation using Photoshop/GIMP/Pixlr (An open source and a free web-based version of Photoshop)

MediaAMP (New to ASU)

Google Drive & Dropbox for ASU (New to ASU)