A Word from the Editor

Every story is simply the name of a longer story.

—Roger C. Shank

When we look around, it’s hard to recognize that we are in the middle of our own stories. We think I’m late for this, or I should head out for lunch, or where is that building I’m teaching in. We think these things and more, but they might just so easily be lines of internal monologue in a novel with our name as title. We are those pages, and so often the pages we read are us.

This edition of the newsletter is tuned to the stories around us—what we’re doing, what we're all in the middle of, what is going on just over the way. We are not at the beginning or the ending of the book, but somewhere in its pages, still marveling at the good plotting, still anxious to know what happens next, and still happy to be curled up with the generally good book of us.

In this edition, expect ghostsadventuressurpriseschallenges, and news from where the last chapter, and the last year, left off. The page turns.

Alberto Ríos

Image of Alberto Ríos by Andy DeLisle