Crossword: Suns and Devils

Image of "Sparky" Crossword by Alberto Rios

Regents' Professor and Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Ríos has constructed this crossword—"Suns and Devils in Literature, Popular Culture, and Arizona"—in celebration of everyone's favorite horned mascot, Sparky the Sun Devil

Sparky celebrated his 70th birthday in 2016 and we think he looks pretty great for someone of his, um, "mature" age. 

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2 Sparky's trident

8  Land with too much sun, little rain

10  Fairly done with no predetermined outcome

13  Red Devil, Tabasco, Syracha, e.g. (2 wds)

16  According to Mitch Ryder, what the devil wears, with her pearls and diamond ring (2 wds)

17  Bonus crazy free answer from Sparky: yzizzp

20  Sun Tzu wrote this book of military strategy (4 wds)

24  This many splendid suns in Khaled Hosseini novel

26  Saguaro, barrel, devil cholla, e.g.

28  1946: Sparky’s birth ____

29  Sam-I-Am could have deviled both of these green food items (3 wds)

31  Not night

32  Fish one might eat on a bagel

33  Second-to-last month, briefly


1  It's in the pudding

3  An important topic or problem for debate or discussion

4  DeVil was her last name in 101 Dalmatians

Yes, in Paris

6  Beer house?

7  The other Sparky, in baseball

9  A kind of devil in Arizona fields

11  According to Hemingway, The Sun Also does this

12  According to Charlie Daniels, where the devil went down to

14  The Rolling Stones had this for the devil

15  Like Webster, Ambrose Bierce wrote The Devil's this

18  The Devil wears this footwear

19  Temperature around a devil

21  Work Projects Administration

22  What a gangster smells if he suspects a snitch

23  Science fiction author Isaac

25  In fire stations, Sparky is often the name of this Dalmatian animal

26  Director of a movie's finances

27  Screenwriter Diablo

29  There was a nightmare on this street

30  Sun, in Mexico City

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