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accents on english | fall 17-spring 18

Star-Lit: A Crossword on Intergalactic Travel in Literature

Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.

–Sigmund Freud

Except in science fiction, no human being has yet traveled to other stars or distant galaxies. (Although that could change in the not-too-distant future.) 

In the meantime, Arizona's Poet Laureate and Regents' Professor Alberto Ríos explores interstellar space via literary journeys in his newest crossword puzzle for ASU English.

We hope solving it is a blast!

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1 Asimov wrote this Trilogy 
5 Our sun is one
7 Captain Kirk series
8 Music's "a one, and …"
10 Han Solo's Millennium starship cruiser
13 Drive that gets us--quickly--from here to there
14 United States of Am-----.
15 Hawaiian garland or wreath
16 Frank Herbert wrote this saga
17 Carl Sagan let our minds wander here
19 "Love and Hugs" acronym
20 A spectacle or display of something; a movie
22 Originally or formerly called
23 Either a curandera or medicine man
26 Three, to Caesar
27 Bradbury wrote these Chronicles
28 The central or most important part of something; corn segment
29 Starship that boldly went where no man had gone before
30 Occupado (English, 2 wds)


1  Actor Nathan Fillion's starship
2  The Dispossessed author LeGuin's first name
3   Madeleine L'Engle's classic novel
4  What the Borg wanted everyone to do
5   Wookie movie
6   Grande, Bravo, Salado, de Janeiro
9   Space-time shortcut portal
11  Have Space Suit, Will Travel author
12 Douglas Adams wrote this kind of Galaxy Guide
18 From the Earth to here, by Jules Verne
21 Wells wrote about a War between them
24 Generation ship novel by Kim Stanley Robinson
25 Counted on

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