Hot stuff (A crossword)

Flame emoji in contemporary literature and popular culture

Just in time to match summer's scorching heat (and bouts of stay-at-home-induced boredom), ASU Regents Professor Alberto Ríos brings you a crossword to burn off some steam.

Douse the flames of ennui by flexing your creative muscles! This puzzle is boiling with smokin' clues and answers—we think Donna Summer would approve.

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1 What remains after flames
3 Tennessee Williams's "Cat" was on a hot one (2 wds)
9 Int'l Broadcasting Co. Television (abbrev)
11 Boy wizard with lightning mark on his forehead (2 wds)
13 Screeching tire leaves this kind of mark
14 An unspecified amount or number of
16 A poem in homage
19 What one does in a hot oven
20 Transportation Security Administration (abbrev)
21 City in which Mrs. O'Leary's cow allegedly started 1871 fire
23 Eat this on Tuesday?
24 To have eaten yesterday
27 Ray Bradbury 451 temperature measure
29 On fire
31 A funeral mound for burning
32 Tempe university and fans (3 wds)
33 What water does at 212°F
34 Dog associated with firehouses


2  Belonging to ASU mascot
4  Force something to be accepted or put into place
5  Opposite of "in"
6  Told not to come back to work
7  Opposite of "fire"
8  A statement of beliefs or a creed
10  Phoenix nickname (4 wds)
12  "Hot Tub" was also this (2 wds)
15  A Mexican dish wrapped in corn husks
17  Homer's response
18  Where there's this, there's fire
20  Drink that is iced or hot
22  Dante's hell
25  Hot sauce and also a state in Mexico
26  Gretel's partner who also escapes witch's oven
28  What a doctor might do to a broken pelvis, or a cool jazz performance (2 wds)
30  Movie

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