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Literary Readings

Kelly M. Houle - The Making of "A Dream" by Abramek Koplowicz for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 01/29/2019. 

A Celebration of Natalie Diaz, 02/12/2019. 

MFA Stellar Alumni Reading Series, 11/13/2018. Pictures

Dorothy Chan (MFA 2015) Revenge of the Asian Woman (Diode Editions, Forthcoming March 2019), Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press, 2018), and the chapbook Chinatown Sonnets (New Delta Review, 2017). 

Dana Diehl (MFA 2015) Our Dreams Might Align (Splice UK, 2018) and TV Girls (New Delta Review, 2018). Her collaborative short story collection, The Classroom (forthcoming Gold Wake Press). 

Homecoming Writing Awards Presentation and Reading + Faculty Talk, 11/02/2018. Pictures

A Reading by our Homecoming Writing Awards Winners 

    • Damaris Ixtchel Castillo - Poetry - Mayan Descent
    • Emily Gadberry - Scholarly Essay - ‘As Long as the Love Remained”: Land as Catalyst for Healing and Transformation in Ceremony
    • Mayra Vasquez-Chavez - Creative Nonfiction - Por Mi Madre
    • Miranda Lynn Williams - Fiction - The Gardener's Son

MFA Stellar Alumni Reading Series, 10/27/2017.

Irena Praitis (MFA 1999; PhD 2001) reading from The Last Stone in the Circle (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures). 
Bojan Louis (MFA 2009) reading from Currents (Vimeo | YouTube). 

Readings by the English Homecoming Writing Awards Winners, 10/25/2017. 

Cianna Garrison (Poetry) 
Madison Margolis (Scholarly Essay)
Jordyn Ochser (Short Story/Creative Nonfiction).

(Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures). 

MFA Alumni Reading, 3/14/2017.

H. Lee Barnes (MFA 1992) reading from Talk to Me, James Dean (Vimeo | YouTube)
Allegra Hyde (MFA 2015) reading from Of This New World (Vimeo | YouTube)

RED INK Thunderstorm for Standing Rock02/16/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube)

Writers Resist: Phoenix. 01/15/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Bringing It All Back: Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Celebration. 10/26/2016. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

A Reading by our Homecoming Writing Contest Award Winners. 10/19/2016. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Winner in Poetry – Jordan Mychal Dahlen, "Who Were You When You Were Approaching the Ocean"
Winner in Scholarly Essay – Ashley Barnard, "Missing Letters: John Updike’s "S." and Bharati Mukherjee’s "Holder of the World" as Counterwritings of "The Scarlet Letter""
Winner in Short Story/Creative Nonfiction - Delaney Kranz, "YOUR STICKY PLASTIC SEAT"

Creative Writing 30th Anniversary Gala, 11/17/2015.

Alumna Adrienne Celt reading from THE DAUGHTERS

Alumnus Oliver de la Paz reading poetry

Former faculty member Peggy Shumaker reading poetry

Faculty member Beckian Fritz-Goldberg reading poetry

Faculty member Matt Bell reading from SCRAPPER

Faculty member Melissa Pritchard reading from A SOLEMN PLEASURE

A Reading by our Homecoming Writing Contest Award Winners, 11/10/2015.

Winner for Poetry - Elliot Winter, "Five Poems" ("Sundown Syndrome," "Abscission Theory," "Bodily Dissociaton," "Lunch at the Silverado," "Meadowlands")

Winner for Scholarly Essay - Sarah Brady, “To See Inside Her Heart: an Analysis of the Significance of Grandmothers in the Chicana Bildungsroman”

Winner for Fiction/Creative Nonfiction (winner is in fiction) - Zachariah Webb, “Excellence in Sales”

Out of Silence: Readings from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, 10/08/2015.

“Write Now” Exhibition & Reading, 10/01/2015.

Reading Introductions with Cynthia Hogue & Jim O’Donnell

Reading - Sally Ball

Reading - Jeannine Savard 

Reading - Alberto Ríos

Tara Ison reading from "Reeling Through Life: How I Learned to Live, Love and Die at the Movies," part of the Department of English Graduate Reception and Awards Ceremony. 5/07/15.

A Reading by Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, part of the MFA Reading Series. 3/17/15.

Alumnus Matthew Gavin Frank reading from "Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer, " Part of the MFA Reading Series 2014. 11/18/2014.

Award Winner Mia Aguilera Reading "Niagara Falls," part of our Homecoming celebration. 10/30/14.

Matt Bell - Reading from his Forthcoming Novel Scrapper, Part of the MFA Reading Series 2014. 9/24/14.

El Día de los Niños, El Día de los Libros (Children’s Day, Book Day), 5/12/14.

Welcome - Tracey Flores, James Blasingame, and Alberto Álvaro Ríos.

Keynote - Myrlin Hepworth

Keynote - Xavier Garza.

Keynote - Gary Soto.

Performance - Agua Fria High School - Baile Folklórico Group & Mariachi Group.

Performance - ASU Preparatory Academy - In and Out of Shadows.

Closing words - Alberto Álvaro Ríos, Tracey Flores, and James Blasingame.

A Celebration of Arizona’s First Poet Laureate: Alberto Álvaro Ríos. 11/25/2013.

Introductory remarks by:
Mark Lussier, Chair, ASU Department of English
John McComish, Arizona State Senator
Robert Booker, Director, Arizona Commission on the Arts
George Justice, Dean of Humanities, ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Cynthia Hogue, Acting Director, ASU Creative Writing Program

Alberto Álvaro Ríos reading

A Reading by Michael Martone. Part of the MFA Reading Series, 11/13/2013.

A poetry reading by Rachel Blau DuPlessisQ & A. Part of the MFA Reading Series, 10/23/2013.

Pamela Uschuk & William Pitt Root. Part of the MFA Reading Series, 9/5/2013.

"Love and Other Marvels," the MFA Faculty Reading 2013MFA Faculty, 2/14/2013.

Performance and Discussion of "Nappy Hair" By Carolivia Herron | Performance with Dr. Neal A. Lester, 10/02/12.

Dr. Neal A. Lester and Dr. Carolivia Herron Performing and Discussing "Nappy Hair" at the Día de los Niños/Día de Los Libros Literacy Celebration. 5/14/12.

Poet Ray Gonzalez reading various poems. Introduction by John-Michael Bloomquist. 3/12/2012.

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference, Faculty Readings. 2012. Our DNRS Video Channel

Bernard Cooper reading from "The Bill From My Father: A Memoir." Introduction by Laura Ashworth. 2/26/2012.

A. Van Jordan reading various poems including "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing" and " "The Red Balloon." Introduction by John-Michael Bloomquist. 2/26/2012.

Pam Houston reading from "Contents May Have Shifted: A Novel." Introduction by Sarah Hynes. 2/26/12.

Eleanor Wilner reading various poems including "The Muse" and "Epitaph." Introduction by Eman Hassan. 2/25/12.

Mat Johnson reading from a new novel. Introduction by Naira Kuzmich. 2/25/12.

Robert Boswell reading "Smoke." Introduction by Jeff Albers. 2/25/12.

Melissa Pritchard reading from "The Odditorium." Introduction by Lyndsey Reese. 2/24/12. 

Carolyn Forché reading new poems. Introduction by Shane Lake.2/24/12.

Xu Xi reading from "Access." Introduction by Angie Dell. 2/24/12.

Adam Johnson reading from "The Orphan Master's Son" Introduction by Chad Fore. 2/24/12.

Sally Ball reading from "Annus Mirabilis." Introduction by Chris Miller. 2/25/12.

Denise Duhamel Poetry Reading. Introduction by Michele Poulos. 2/24/12.

Antonya Nelson reading "Living in a Ghost Town." Introduction by Adrienne Celt. 2/24/12.

Alix Ohlin reading "Vigo Park." Introduction by Branden Boyer-White. 2/24/12.

Jeannine Savard reading desert poems. Introduction by Dexter Booth. 2/25/12.

Jem Poster reading "The Collectors" and a section of "Rifling Paradise." Introduction by Samyak Shertok. 2/25/12.

Aimee Bender reading from "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake" and "Willful Creatures." Introduction by Adrienne Celt. 11/30/11.

A Reading by Poet Bruce Weigl. Introduction by Hugh Martin. 10/13/11.

Poet Tony Barnstone & musician John Clinebell- Full Reading and Performance. Introduction by Eman Hassan.
Also see selections from Tongue of War: From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki. 9/29/11. 

English alumna Tayari Jones (MFA 2000) reading from her novel Silver Sparrow at Changing Hands Bookstore. 7/9/11. Reading Question and Answer

Out of Silence: Readings from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. Featuring Melissa Pritchard, Naira Kuzmich, Paul Ocampo, Branden Boyer-White, Adrienne Celt, Courtney Fowler, Eman Hassan, and Laura Ashworth. 5/3/11.

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference, Faculty Readings. 2011.

Reading by Tony Hoagland. Introduction by Hugh Martin. 3/3/11.

Reading by Jem Poster. Introduction by Rachel Andoga. 3/3/11.

Reading by Gretel Ehrlich. Introduction by Courtney Fowler. 3/4/11.

Reading by Cynthia Hogue. Introduction by Kathleen Winter. 3/4/11.

Reading by Antonya Nelson. Introduction by Clinton Monson. 3/4/11.

Reading by David Shields. Introduction by Sara Sams. 3/4/11.

Reading by Norman Dubie. Introduction by Ryan Holden. 3/4/11.

Reading by Connie Voisine. Introduction by Kathleen Winter. 3/5/11.

Reading by Naeem Murr. Introduction by Adrienne Celt. 3/5/11.

Reading by Beckian Fritz Goldberg. Introduction by Shane Lake. 3/5/11.

Reading by Victor LaValle. Introduction by Branden Boyer-White. 3/5/11.

Reading by Robert Boswell. Introduction by Laura Ashworth. 3/6/11.

Reading by Tiffany Atkinson. Introduction by Michele Poulos. 3/6/11.

Reading by Tara Ison. Introduction by Ben Blickle. 3/6/11.

"Words to Write By," Featuring Tara Ison, Jem Poster, Tony Hoagland and Peter Turchi. 3/6/11.

A Reading by Poet Eleanor Wilner. With an introduction from MFA student Rachel Andoga. Part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series.2/23/11.

A Department of English MFA Faculty Reading featuring Sally Ball, Jay Boyer, Norman Dubie, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Cynthia Hogue, T.R. Hummer, Tara Ison, Melissa Pritchard, Jeannine Savard, and Peter Turchi.12/01/10.

A Reading by Poet Heather McHugh. With an introduction from MFA student Kathleen Winter. Part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series. 11/17/10.

Melissa Pritchard reading “Écorché, The Flayed Man.”  With an introduction from Mary Richardson. 11/8/10.

Author Jim Shepard reading "Boys Town." With an introduction from MFA student Adrienne Celt. Part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series. 11/4/10.

Poet and Department of English alumna, Sarah Vap reading from her book "Faulkner’s Rosary." With an introduction by Sean Nevin. 11/2/10.

Writers on Border Lines. Reading and Discussion with Reyna Grande, Alberto Rios, Terry Greene Sterling andEvelyn Haydee Cruz part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series. 10/21/10.

Poet Nicole CooleyReading From "Breach." With an introduction from MFA student Ryan Holden. Part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series. 10/7/10.

Novelist Brad Watsona Reading. Part of the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series. 9/8/10.

Announcements and IntroductionPeter Turchi and Branden Boyer-White

A Reading byJoseph Boyden, Canadian novelist and winner of the Giller Prize, 4/21/10.

Norman Dubie reading "In These Streets with the Binary Trees--elegy for Neda Agha-Soltan" 3/08/10.

Michelle Cruz Skinner reading from "In the Company of Strangers," 3/08/10.

Día de los Muertos,” Regents’ Professor and acclaimed poet Alberto Ríos. 11/02/09.

The 2009 Department of English graduation reception with an "Abstract" by Peter Turchi and an introduction by Neal A. Lester, 5/12/09.

Shaking up Shakespeare -- In Scenes, Part of "Shaking up Shakespeare." 4/23/09. 29:50 minutes

A Talk with Gary Paul Nabhan, part of "Seeding the Future: A Department of English Fundraiser." 4/18/09. 52:39 minutes

“That Different Yield”: A reading by the Young Adult Writing Project, 6/26/08. 63:05 minutes

“That Different Yield”: A reading by the Young Adult Writing Project, 6/20/07.51:29 minutes

The 2007 Department of English graduation reception with a reading by Terry R. Hummer and an introduction by Cynthia Hogue, 5/9/07. 18:33 minutes

Sapphire Lecture/Reading, part of PUSHing Boundaries, PUSHing Art: A Symposium on the Works of Sapphire, 2/28/07. 43:29 minutes

Sapphire Question and Answer session following her reading, 2/28/07. 33:24 minutes

Alberto Ríos delivering the keynote address at the Chandler Celebration of Unity, 1/12/07. 29:06 minutes

Alberto Ríos delivering an inaugural poem called “A Sustainable Courage,” at Governor Janet Napolitano’s inauguration at the state capitol on Jan. 4, 2007. 4:32 minutes

An excerpt from The 2006 Young Adult Writing Project“A Drive-by Sharing by a Teenage Writing Gang,” 6/21/06. 29:15 minutes

Ron Carlson reading an excerpt from “The Flag Fake Flip and Jailbreak Screen” and the poem “The Reason We Have Schools” at the English Department Graduation Reception, Spring 2006.16:50 minutes 

Markus CruseChouki El HamelSylvain Gallais reading “Le Mulâtre” (1837) by Victor Séjour, 4/12/06.43:52 minutes 
(MP3 audio) 41:36 minutes

The ASU Antislavery Ensemble videos 3/01/06 

“Spirit of Freedom, Awake”
“My Country ’Tis of Thee”
“Daughters of the Pilgrim Sires”
“God of the Wide Creation”
“Come Join the Abolitionists”
“I Am an Abolitionist”
“God of the Wide Creation” V.2

Keith Miller reading “The Natick Resolution” by Henry C. Wright, 2/03/06.

Neal A. Lester reading a selection from the “Memoirs of the Life of Boston King, A Black Preacher,” 7/01/05.

The 2003 Young Adult Writing Project“A Drive-by Sharing by a Teenage Writing Gang,” 6/25/03. 29:15 minutes

Terry Moore as Walt Whitman in “At Last, An American Bard,” 3/26/03.

David St. John“A Reading,” Introductions by Melissa Pritchard and Norman Dubie, 2/5/03.

Marshall Poet-in-Residence, with Russell Edson, 4/12/01.

Esther Frank Memorial Poetry Reading, featuring William Olsen and Nancy Eimers, 11/02/00.
(MP3 audio only) 

Critical Analysis

Sir Jonathan Bate on How the Humanities Can Save the Planet

    1. Paradise Lost: The Annual Environmental Humanities Initiative Distinguished Lecture, 1/16/2019. 
    2. THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, 2/05/2019
    3. Living Sustainably, 2/20/2019

Tyler PetersonUsing Popular Media as a Tool for Engagement and Endangered Language Learning” Part of Come Home to English, 11/02/2018. Pictures

The Fletcher Lecture  by Laura Chrisman: "African Atlantics and Imperial Culture: Critical Directions Past, Present and Future," 10/23/2018.  (YouTube  | Pictures) 

James Paul Gee - “From Grammar to Society,” Interdisciplinary Committee on Linguistics (ICOL) Lecture, 10/02/2018. (YouTube  | Pictures) Question and Answer

Tom Mole - Byron and the Difficulty of Beginning, 9/04/2018. (YouTube | Pictures

Bill Hart-Davidson - Giver's Gain: How to Improve Student Writing by Coaching Helpful Feedback in Peer Response Groups, 08/29/2018. (YouTube  | Pictures

Matthew S. Henry, "Extractive Fictions: Energy and Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene." 04/26/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Holly E. Jacobson, "Health Literacy and Human Interaction." 04/06/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube  | Pictures)

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The Jetsons and Other Classic Cartoons, Alberto Ríos and Kevin Sandler. 03/20/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

7th Annual Prison Education Conference, 03/16/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube)

Welcome - Christopher Harvey, Cornelia “Corri” Wells, Naala Brewer. (Vimeo | YouTube)

Introduction of Johnny Perez and Benny Custodio by Colby Kelly. (Vimeo | YouTube)

Keynote: Johnny Perez (Vimeo | YouTube)

Keynote: Pastor Benny Custodio (Vimeo | YouTube)

QA: Johnny Perez & Pastor Benny Custodio (Vimeo | YouTube)

Educating the Inmate Population: ADC Success Academy Program - Christae Spivey, John Roberts, Melissa Romines (Vimeo | YouTube)

ASU Prison Volunteer Panel (Vimeo | YouTube)

Keynote: Sophie Etchart, Read Better Be Better (Vimeo | YouTube)

Michelle Campuzano (Vimeo | YouTube)

Keynote: Memo Arrubla, Beat Street AZ (Vimeo | YouTube)

Closing Remarks - Christopher Harvey, Cornelia “Corri” Wells (Vimeo | YouTube)

Travis Franks - "Teaching Literatures of Settler Colonialism through AustLit's Digital Archive." 3/15/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

The Arizona Writing and Social Justice Conference, 02/14/2018. YouTube Playlist

Welcome: Krista Ratcliffe & Leerom Medovoi (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Writing to Bridge from Prisons to Outside: Roundtable (chair, Joe Lockard) (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Grace Gamez, Madeline Kiser, Joe Watson (American Friends Service Committee) 

Just Writing (chair, Matt Bell) (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Poetic Writing: An Exploration of Indigenous Eco‐poetics—Jake Skeets (UA) 

I Pledge Allegiance to *THIS* Flag: Arivaca Riding with Humane Borders—Raquel Gutiérrez (UA) 

Border Simulations—Gabe Dozal (UA) 

Borders, Migration and Social Justice (chair, Michael Stancliff) (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Extreme Vetting: The Consequences of Surveillance and Procedural Rhetoric for Immigration 
Documents—Sarah Young (UA) 

A Justice Function of Poetry—Ken Heintzelman (Shadow Rock UCC) 

Right Words, Right Language (chair, Cuate Mexica) (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Dumb This Down, Please: The Politics of Writing and Publishing for Social Movements—Katherine Freeman (UA) 

Chikashsha holissochi [to write Chickasaw]: Reflecting and Respecting Language and Cultural Teachings through Writing—Kari Chew (UA)

'Mercy Rule' Book Launch with Tom Leveen. 2/21/2018. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Jennifer Roth-Gordon, "Language as Embodied Practice: Slang and Whiteness in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil." 9/29/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Question and Answer. 9/29/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

André Brock reading "Black Joy as a Frame for Digital Practice: A Libidinal Economic Approach to Black Online Culture," 4/26/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Teresa Mangum, "When the Lion Lies Down with the Lamb: The Art of Interspecies Attachment." The Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture, 04/18/2017. (Vimeo YouTube Pictures)

Metropolitan: A Conversation with Author and Director Whit Stillman. 3/28/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Michael Phillips on “Why Go to the Movies?” 3/01/2017. 

6th Annual Prison Education Conference. 2/10/2017.

Opening RemarksBrigitte Nicoletti, Aaron Baker, Elsie Moore,  and Cornelia “Corri” Wells 

Guadalupe Teen Court Moves Justice Forward. - Lilia Alvarez, J.D.

Reading Between the Bars: Correcting CorrectionsKirstin Eidenbach and Jonathon Tretheway

Teaching in the Heart of the ActionASU Panel 

Arizona’s 1st Inside-Out Prison Exchange ProgramKevin Wright

Coming of Age in Court Custody: Delinquent-Turned-Activist - Gigi Blanchard

Michael Green on "Representation of Race in American Movies: What, If Anything, Has Changed?" 11/17/2016. (Vimeo | YouTube).

"Performance and the Archive" with Jacqueline Wernimont, part of Come Home to English's Homecoming Celebration. 10/19/16.

Alexander Regier reading "Blake, Hamann, and the Polyglot Moravians" - "Q&A" - The 2015-2016 Ian Fletcher Lecture. 4/28/2016.

5th Annual Prison Education Conference. 3/19/2016.

Jessica Fletcher, Mark Lussier, & Corri Wells - PEAC Forward
Arizona Department of Corrections - Programs, Reentry, and Community Corrections
ASU/New Mexico Panel
Arizona Department of Corrections - Correctional Education Program
Reading by Michelle Ribeiro and Sheldon Thompson
Lilia Alvarez & Kirstin T. Eidenbach - Disrupting Recidivism by Restoring Dignity


Martin Luther King, Charles Billups, and the Miracle March in Birmingham: A Daughter (Helene Rene Billups Baker) Tells Her Story. 2/23/2016.

Sir Jonathan Bate reading “Ted Hughes: Eco-Warrior, or Eco-Worrier?,” 11/23/2015.

Laura Tohe "Armed with Our Language, We Went to War: The Navajo Code Talkers." 

Jeffrey N. Cox reading “Representing War from Pantomime to Poetry: Wordsworth, Byron, and Harlequin Read Waterloo,” 11/05/15.

Keith Miller reading “Rethinking Malcolm X: The Archives Refute the National Memory of an Icon,” Americanist Reading Group. 10/09/15.

Eric Wertheimer reading "Materials of Risk: Counting Down," Americanist Reading Group. 10/09/15.

Pamela Gilbert - "'A Mild Erection of the Head': The Meaning of the Blush in Nineteenth-Century Britain" - The Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture, 4/14/15.

4th Annual Prison Education Conference. 3/27/15.

Jessica Fletcher & Corri Wells - Introduction
Jo Jorgenson, Lisa Preston, Michael Pattarozzi, Heidi Jaeger - "The Incarcerated Re-entry Program
Tim Lawrence, Roberta Norales, Pat Weaver - Arizona Department of Corrections
Shavawn Berry, Michelle Ribeiro, Janice Pittsley, Wan-yin Tsai, Anika Larson, Eric Verska, Hector Cedillow - ASU Panel - "Volunteer Teaching and ASU Advocates"
Kyes Stevens - "Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project."

Claire Colebrook on "What is the Political?: Paul de Man and the Promise of the Anthropocene," part of our Edgework Series. 2/19/15.

"Publishing in Literature and Science" a conversation with Robert Markley, part of our Edgework Series. 2/6/15.

Young Adult Authors Discuss the Writing Process,” featuring Tom Leveen, Faith Hochhalter, Amy Fellner Dominy, Amy K. Nichols, Janette Rallison, Shannon Messenger, Shonna Slayton, Suzanne Young.  2/13/15.

Ron Broglio reading "A Field Guide to English: Or How English Studies Prepared Me to Work with Condors" part of our Homecoming celebration. 10/30/14.

David L. Clark reading "What Remains to be Seen: Animals, Atrocity, Witness.” 10/30/14.

Keith Miller reading "Rethinking The Civil Rights Movement: Why The National Memory Is Wrong," part of our Graduation Reception and Awards. 5/8/14.

Richard C. Sha on "Romantic Science and Romantic Imagination," the 2013-2014 Fletcher Lecture4/9/2014. 

Roundtable on "Romancing the Rational: Debating the Scientific Imagination.With panelists: Ed Finn (ASU), Mark Lussier (ASU), and Richard C. Sha (American University). 4/8/2014.

3rd Annual Prison Education Conference. 3/28/2014

Jessica Fletcher, Corri Wells, and Mark Lussier, Opening Remarks
Marshall Frank, “Criminal Injustice in America
Michelle Ribeiro, "Seeing Through Our Eyes: An Experiential Workshop"
ASU Panel on "Voluntary Teaching in Arizona Prisons: A Dialogue with ASU Students and Faculty"
Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC): Adapting to the Challenging Environment and the Unique Requirements of the Inmate Population.

Roger Whitson reading "Hybrid Literary Studies: Critical Making, Steampunk, Digital Humanities" 3/1/14.

Jeffrey Williams reading "Generations and Contemporary American Fiction," part of the Edgework Series. 2/28/14.

Devoney Looser reading "The New Woman’s Jane Austen" 10/18/2013.

SICK: Book Launch and Zombie Romp, 10/1/13.

Introductions by Tracey Flores & Jim Blasingame / Professor Peter Goggin reading "School Rots Your Brain – and Then it Kills you: the Zombie Cure"

Tom Leveen discusses his novel Sick or "How is High School Full of Monsters"

PhD student, Shawn P. Mitchell reading "Sustainable Brain Eating: Rural Literacies and Zombie Survivalist Paraphernalia"

PhD student, Emily Zarka reading "Why Zombies Matter: Studying the Undead Throughout History"

Regenia Gagnier reading "World Literatures and What It Means to Be Human in the Niche of Nature, Culture, Technology." The 2012-2013 Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture. 4/11/13. 

Elaine Klugman reading "From the Inside to the Outside: Women Behind Bars." 2nd Annual Prison Education Conference, 2013. 3/29/2013.

Alan Elsner reading "Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America's Prisons" 2nd Annual Prison Education Conference, 2013. 3/29/2013.

Sue Kenney reading "Visiting: What a First Friends Visit Means to Both Detainees and Volunteers." 2nd Annual Prison Education Conference, 2013. 3/29/2013.

Catastrophes: The 2012 International Conference on Romanticism

Plenary I: “Romantic Sciences: Crises and Resolutions” 11/8/12.

Marilyn Gaull“The Sublime Romantic Sciences” (Restricted by Request)
Alan Richardson“The Sublime Romantic Sciences of Mind and Brain”
Mark Lussier, “The Sublime Romantic Sciences: Towards a Theory of Everything”

Plenary II:  Paul Youngquist "'This Disastrous Enterprise': History, Race, and Revolution" 11/9/12.

Plenary III: Angela Esterhammer reading "Speculation, Improvisation, and Financial Catastrophe" 11/10/12.

Kristen Warner reading "Just Business? Understanding Hollywood Logic and Issues of Identity through Television Casting" 9/25/2012.

"Renaissance Animal Things" by Erica Fudge. Part of Shakespeare's birthday celebration. 4/26/2012.

The 2012 Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture with Mary Poovey, "Risk, Uncertainty, and Data: Managing Risk in Early Twentieth-Century America." Introduction by Dan Bivona. 4/12/2012.

Horea Poenar, "The Life of Fiction: Hemingway's Literary Continuity," part of the 2012 World and Comparative Literature Conference, 2/17/12.

Doru Pop, "Reading Literature through Cinematic Devices: Peter Esterhazy's 'She Loves Me,'" part of the 2012 World and Comparative Literature Conference, 2/16/12.

Keith Miller reading "Martin Luther King's Biblical Epic: His Final, Great Speech." 1/13/12. 

"The State of Modern Fairy Tales" by Joseph Abbruscato. 1/11/12.

Mark Lussier reading from "Romantic Dharma: The Emergence of Buddhism into Nineteenth-Century Europe," 12/7/11.

"How to Become a Good Writer in a Foreign Language: Matei Visniec's French and Romanian Journey" talk by Matei Vişniec. 11/9/11.

"The Rhetoric of WPA-ing" by Paul Kei Matsuda and Shirley Rose. 9/07/11. 

"The Unfinished Historicist Project: In Praise of Suspicion" by John Kucich. The 2010-2011 Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture. 4/28/11.

Shakespeare's Places: A Celebration of Shakespeare's Birthday,  Three ASU faculty—Cora FoxBradley RynerIan Moulton (ASU Poly), and alumna and Wright State faculty Carol Mejia-Laperle (PhD 2008)—discuss their work in relation to the theme of place and will take questions from the audience about place in Shakespeare.

Followed by a special reading by the English Club." 4/22/11.

"The Augustan Political Myth: Visual Rhetoric in the Roman Principate (31 BCE-14 CE)" by Kathleen Lamp. 4/8/11.

"Mapping the Territory: Fiction, Photography, and Changing Perspectives--A Multimedia Event." With authors Reif LarsenPeter Turchi and photographer Mark Klett. 3/30/11.

"Symbolic Competence as Strategic Performance: Narratives of Displacement, Contested Identities, and Transformative Practices" byDoris Warriner. Part of the Applied Linguistics Speaker Series. 2/25/11.

"(Re)Inventing Inventio” by Maureen Daly Goggin. Keynote Address for the 2011 Arizona State University Composition Conference. 2/19/11.

"Language in a Digital Age" by James Gee, 10/27/10.

Paul Hurh reading "To Strike the Uneven Balance: Dialectical Terror in ‘Moby-Dick,’" 9/23/10.

Wiki-Wire: YA Lit Meets the FutureBasha High School Students and science fiction author PJ Haarsma discuss Wiki-Wire. 5/28/09.

"Shaking up Shakespeare: An Actor's Perspective" with Harry Lennix and Ayanna Thompson, 4/24/09.

"Shaking up Shakespeare: Performances, Behind the Scenes, Hip Hop and Discussion" Actor Harry Lennix (The Matrix series; Titus),David Hemphill (Black Theatre Troupe), David Tinsley (Black Theatre Troupe), professor Camilla Westenberg (Phoenix College), and professor Ayanna Thompson (ASU), 4/24/09.

The Fletcher Lecture 2008-2009, "Mothering Monsters: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" by Anne K. Mellor (UCLA), 4/22/09.(YouTube)

"Approaching The Breaking Point?: The United States-Canada Border In The 21st Century" by Victor Konrad (Carleton University, Ottawa & Western Washington University), 4/15/09.

Professor Gregory Castle - "Wilde Things: The American Tour of 1882 and the Aesthetics of Irish Modernism," 3/17/09.

“So Let It Be Done: Confronting Fears and Fulfilling the Promise” Dr. Matthew Whitaker, keynote address from “Choosing the Future: Critical Issues in American Life” Undergraduate Academic Conference, 10/18/08.

Zoe Trodd, Tutorial Board, Committee on History and Literature, Harvard University, reading “A Torch for Tomorrow: Civil Rights Protest Literature and the Historical Memory of Abolitionism.” With respondent Stanlie James, director, African and African American Studies, Arizona State University, 4/14/08. 1:01:39 minutes

Dr. David Holmes, associate professor in English (Pepperdine University), visiting associate professor, ASU reading “(Re) Dressing the KKK: Fred Shuttlesworth’s Precept Hermeneutic and the Rhetoric of African American Prophetic Patriotism,” 3/26/08. 30:25 minutes

“Acting While Black,” a conversation with Harry J. Lennix, 2/08/08. 1:29:22 minutes

K. L. Cook, associate professor of English, Prescott College, presenting “Short Story Cycles, Linked Stories, and Novels-in-Stories” as part of the Arizona Universities Faculty Exchange Lecture Series, 4/4/07. 43:53 minutes
Handout (Word).

Donelle Ruwe, assistant professor of English, Northern Arizona University, presenting “Botanical Rambles: Romanticism, Nature Walks, and the Dissemination of Associationist Philosophy” as part of the Arizona Universities Faculty Exchange Lecture Series, 3/30/07. 41:33 minutes

PUSHing Boundaries, PUSHing Art: A Symposium on the Works of Sapphire, 2/28/07.

Symposium Welcome by Neal A. Lester. 3:13 minutes

“Push: Overview and Undergraduate Student Presentations” (UCLUB)

Moderator: Elizabeth McNeil
Presenters: Caryn BirdKatherine GiovacchiniMonica Van Steenberg. 22:59 minutes

Vernacular and Literacy: Transforming the Self with the Word (UCLUB)

Chair: Angelita D. Reyes

“Locating Sites for Writing and Personal Transformation in Sapphire’s Push.”
Lynette Myles, Arizona State University. 22:44 minutes

“‘He my shiny brown boy:’ African American Maternal Vernacular in Sapphire’s Push”
Terri Pantuso, The University of Texas at San Antonio.17:18 minutes

Rhythm, Challenge and Change in Sapphire’s Poetry and Short Stories (UCLUB)

Chair: Richard Mook

“Some of Sapphire’s Blues Notes”
Michael Pfister, Arizona State University. 25:31 minutes

“Uncollected, Dedicated, and Contributed: Sapphire’s earlier work”
Steven Reigns, Poet and Independent Scholar. 13:14 minutes

Motherhood and Trauma: Understanding the Self by Moving Past the Pain (UCLUB)

Chair: Egyirba High

“Explaining Ourselves: A Rewriting and Recollection of Personhood”
Nina R. Candia, University of Maryland, College Park. 18:57 minutes

“Dysfunctional Sex: Social and Familial Isolation in Contemporary Victimization Narratives”
Erin Vonnahme, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. 14:31 minutes

The Body and Space: Environmental and Ecofeminist Approaches to PUSH (UCLUB)

Chair: Peter Goggin

“125th Street Transcendentalism”
Dan Shilling, Sharlot Hall Museum and Arizona State University. 13:23 minutes

“Sapphire’s Literary Freak Show: The Ecofeminist Landscape of Push”
Elizabeth McNeil, Arizona State University. 13:24 minutes

“Teaching Environmental Justice Themes in Push” (video removed by request)
Joni Adamson, Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus. 17:43 minutes

Age and the Page: Young Adult Literature and Secondary Education (UCLUB)

Chair: Alleen Pace Nilsen

“Pushing the Envelope in Young Adult Literature”
James Blasingame, Arizona State University. 45:24 minutes

Slavery and Antislavery: A New Research and Teaching Workshop, 10/13/06

Joe Lockard, Arizona State University, “Introduction”

Timothy McCarthy, Harvard University, “Antislavery Protest Literature in 19th-Century America: Teaching the Untaught”

Angelita Reyes, Arizona State University, “Elusive Autobiographies: Reading Slavery’s Vernacular Artifacts”

Stephen Marc, Arizona State University, “Passage on the Underground Railroad: Making and Teaching the Photography of Slavery”

Kay Norton, Arizona State University, “The Music of Slavery and Antislavery: Researching and Teaching Hymnology”

Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Department of History and Literature, Harvard University, reading “Prophets of Protest: Literary Abolitionism and the Aesthetics of Equality,” 10/12/06.

The 2005-2006 Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture featuring Jerome J. McGann, the John Stewart Bryan University Professor of English at the University of Virginia, “Information Technology and the Troubled Humanities,” 3/28/06. 45.36 minutes (MP3 audio). 

American Protest Literature Lecture Videos (Harvard University) from “Literature and Arts A-86: American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac” (in cooperation with the Antislavery Literature Project and Harvard University

Question/Answer following the talk (MP3 audio). 18:25 minutes

Joe Lockard“Jacksonian Mobs and the Rise of Antislavery Poetry,” 3/23/06. 23.23 minutes 
(Text in PDF)

Joe Lockard“William Still and Philadelphia’s African American Underground,” 3/23/06. 42.10 minutes
(Text in PDF)

A Scholarly Discussion of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. 3/31/04

Introduction by Dr. Martin Levin, Diane Wolfthal, School of Art

Rosalynn Voaden, Department of English 

Allison Coudert, Religious Studies

Jay Boyer, Department of English

The 2002 Ian Fletcher Lecture: Lennard J. Davis, “Race, Disability and the New Genomics,” 11/13/03.

The Many Faces of Elizabeth I. The 2003 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Symposium

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I” by Fred Kiefer, 10/4/03

Elizabeth R, the First Royal Movie Star” by Ron Newcomer, 10/4/03

Elizabeth of England and Mary of Scotland” by Retha Warnicke, 10/4/03

The 2003 Southwest Graduate Literature Symposium Keynote,“Rebels With a Cause: Henry James, George Herbert, and Geoffrey Chaucer” by Chauncey Wood, 3/28/2003

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Behind The Lord of the Rings. The 2002 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance StudiesSymposium

“The Adventures of Tom Bombadil: Hobbit Poetry” by Randel Helms, 11/2/2002

Turning Tolkien’s Prose into the Visual Language of Film” by Ron Newcomer, 11/2/2002

Trees, Chainsaws, and the Visions of Paradise in J.R.R. Tolkien” by Tom Shippey, 11/2/2002

The 2002 Ian Fletcher Lecture: Patrick Brantlinger, “Cannibals and Missionaries.” 10/24/2002

Marshall Chair candidate: Norman Finkelstein, “You Have to be Tricked into It: Writing (and Reading) the Serial Poem” 4/1/02

Marshall Chair candidate: Cynthia Hogue, “On Marianne Moore from Another Postmodernism: Towards an Ethical Poetics” 3/27/02

Marshall Chair candidate: Juliana Spahr, “Poetry in a Time of Crisis” 3/25/02

Colloquium: Thelma Shinn Richard, “Literary Bridges from the USA and the RSA” 2/27/02.

Renovating the National Imaginary: A ‘New’ Body for the Patriotic Public Sphere” with Barbara Biesecker, 4/12/01

The Ian Fletcher Lecture features Mary Louise Pratt reading, “Modernity and Globality or What brought the Virgin of Zapopan to Los Angeles,” 2/22/01

Orlan’s Vision of the Interdisciplinary Future,” 2/27/01

Mark Lussier, “Resisting Critical Erasure, or Blake Beyond Postmodernity,” 10/18/00

N. Katherine Hayles “Romantic Bits: Embedded in Media,” 9/16/00

Department Events

Ross-Blakley Hall Open House, Tempe campus, 10/31/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

English Graduation Reception, 2017

Graduation Remarks by Aaron Baker and Golden Alumna Gail Fisher. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Shannon Lujan on “Convergent Academics: Effecting a Culture Change.” (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Remarks by Bob Sommer, Co-Founder of Changing Hands Bookstore. (Vimeo | YouTube | Pictures)

Saida Mohamed on "Managing Stressors among Somali Refugees: Utilizing a strength-based perspective to address resettlement challenges," 01/31/2017. (Vimeo | YouTube)

The Indie Film Market Today: Inside Hollywood with Alumnus Adam Galenpart of Come Home to English. 10/17/2016.

English Graduation Reception, 2016 

Graduation Remarks by Mark Lussier and Diane Escalante, 5/05/2016.
Ron Broglio "Bringing Humanities to the World," 5/05/2016.

Luu Nguyen (BA 2014) - The Flash and Me: Television, Visual Effects, and Life after ASU, 11/09/15.

Karla Elling (BA 1965; MA 1968; PhD 1975), our featured alumna on her experiences spanning decades in ASU English. Part of the Department of English Graduate Reception and Awards Ceremony. 5/07/15

FMS Alumni Roundtable, 2015. 3/23/15. 

Actor and Author Fahim Fazli Speaks to FMS 200, 2/11/15.

2014 Homecoming Writing Awards. 10/30/14.

Award Winner Mia Aguilera Reading "Niagara Falls."

2013 Homecoming Writing Award Winners. 10/18/2013.

- short story/creative nonfiction: Austen Johnson ("Churching the germs")
- scholarly essay: Elizabeth Monnig ("Coping strategies of Jewish children who suffered the Holocaust")
- poetry: Laura van Slyke (A collection beginning with "Consanguinity: Death, condensed")

The Film and Media Studies Internship Night, 2012. With Kevin Sandler. 9/6/12.

Ray Villareal Speaking at the Día de los Niños/Día de Los Libros Literacy Celebration. 5/14/2012.

The 2011 Helms Writing Contest Winners Reading Their Work, Short Fiction - Zari Panosian: Language Barrier; Poetry - Elyse Mele: 5 Poetry submissions: Brevitas, How the World Became Flesh, Pont D’Avignon, Villanelle for Mending Things, Contact Sheet, and May, 2010; Scholarly Essay - Alyssha Nelson: A Portrait of the Escape Artist: Language, Meditation, and Exile in A Portrait of the Artist. 10/27/11.

"The Language of Food" by Viktorija Todorovska, part of "Come Home to English," 10/27/11.

The Film and Media Studies Internship Night, 2011. With Kevin Sandler. 9/8/11.

James Blasingame reading “WWGPD? (What Would Gary Paulsen Do?): Instructions on Life from Young Adult Literature” 5/11/10.

ASU Founders’ Day Faculty Teaching Award winner Maureen Daly Goggin. Comments by Neal A. Lester and Maureen Daly Goggin, 3/6/06. 3:55 minutes

Department of English 2001 graduation reception

North American Society for the Study of Romanticism 2000 Conference Introduction and Graduate student awards,9/16/00

GPAWP (Greater Phoenix Area Writing Project)

Tino Gomez, 6/9/03

GSEA Professional Development Workshops

Conference presentationsChristina Francis and Ryan Muckerheide, 3/12/03

External English Department Related Video

“Poet’s New Work Chronicles a Couple’s Love” PBS feature on Alberto Ríos

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