Accents on English: Spring-Summer 2015

Alex Christiansen (1987 - 2015)

Alex Christiansen, a first-year linguistics student in the ASU Department of English, passed away unexpectedly on April 5, 2015.

Christiansen, who was 27, had a wife and two small children. A fund has been set up to help with the family’s expenses.
While here at ASU, he was pursuing scholarship on translation and was interested in Old English, especially Beowulf, and Hmong Oral Tradition.

He was an accomplished musician and regularly jammed with other students in the department, playing the guitar, mandolin, and singing. Christiansen could also play the bass, ukelele, and didgeridoo.

—Steven Hopkins

Photo of Alex Christiansen from his obituary.

Header background image from 1904 or 1905: Alpha Hall and the Training School/Original Building are on the left; Old Main is on the right. The view is to the west. UP UPC ASUB C357 1900s #4