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Funding is available from the Department of English for TA/RAs to support up to $500 toward travel and related resources essential to their research. Eligible expenses include conference travel and related expenses; archival access; and the acquisition of books, software up to $500, copies from archives, etc. That is, funds can be applied toward travel (airfare, bus, train, car) to conferences, or toward books and other materials without any travel, as long as the award is assisting with your research (excludes gift card purchase or disbursements). Please note that you must apply for this funding for future travel (not after travel has already been completed).

Application for Funding Procedure: Prepare a one-page proposal that includes the purpose of the research, location, and any access requirements. Please also include your name, program, and ASU ID.   This justification should explain how the proposed expenses directly forwards the student’s research. In addition, attach a budget. Submit the Research Proposal and budget (as a single pdf) to Kira Assad

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; funds must be used between now and the 2nd week of June 2025.

Travel Regulations:  If you do plan to travel, be sure to follow the ASU travel regulations; otherwise, the Department of English cannot reimburse the student. This policy changes frequently (or has in the past 18 months), so be sure to check it when you request travel. If you don't follow the rules, they may not be able to be reimbursed.

University-sponsored international travel is allowed on a case-by-case basis under exceptional circumstances only and requires approval from the appropriate dean or vice president and the university provost or executive vice president. The website linked above lists more information about travel, so be sure to take these regulations into account should your research plans include travel.

Important Note:  If your Application for Funding is approved, the Department of English will handle filing for your approval to travel. If it is approved, we will inform you and then you can begin the Concur travel process.  Do not contact the Dean directly for travel approval.

Once you receive your approval email from the graduate studies office you will be instructed on next steps to create your Trip Request.

If you have any additional funding (Graduate College, GPSA, etc.) that will be utilized towards this trip, please let us know prior to submitting your Trip Request in Concur.

If your funding is approved, students should work closely with the Business Office to make sure their Concur applications and approvals accord to the above policy. It will expedite matters if they provide the following information (brief answers!) to the Business Office:

  1. Traveler Name:
  2. Traveler title/classification:
  3. Destination to/from:
  4. Dates of Travel:
  5. Funding source:
  6. Justification for travel:
  7. Safety Protocols to be followed:
  8. Acknowledgement that all travel must  be booked in Concur(includes airfare and hotel)
  9. If you are not booking through Concur, what are you requesting an exception for (could be air B&B or hotels with special rates that must be booked outside of Concur booking tool)?  Please check with the Business office for prior approval.

II. For research reimbursements, please  report to the Business Office whether the research expenses relate to the student’s scholarship/creative activity or teaching.